Sunday, November 22, 2009

our teacher told us to highlight anything we want, so i went up & marked you with my highlighter.
&& I was right;; i finally let someone tell you how i felt;; and you didn't even care
you know you're in love when no one else is even worth looking at
When you said we're over my heart broke into a million peices but what hurts most was just then you ran to another girl and kissed her
They say nothing is perfect. But together we could be
and she smiles, thinking it will all be ok. but then she goes home and realizes it wont.
& if marrying you means saying yes to a ring pop instead of a diamond;;...I would still say yes.
turn up the volume, just to think about him even more.
shes standing on the line between giving up & seeing how much more she can take.
lost in the words, hidden in the lies, memories forgotten, silent goodbyes
We picked up things from each other. Random phrases & stupid habits. You have to admit that we've changed each other.
there's no past tense in loving someone, it's either you do or you never did.
are you daring me to care ; to love you? because i already fucking do.
I always fall for that one guy who is so out of reach, but close enough to make it hurt
I only think about you on two occasions ;; when my eyes are open && when they're closed
i love to sleep. my life has this tendency to fall apart when i'm awake
and it's those days you wish you had a boyfriend to cuddle with, hold hands, kiss, tell him everything. i just want to be loved by someone.
if you ever want to know what you have that all the other guys don't, well.. here's a hint; you have my heart.
a friend will try to heal a broken heart, but a bestfriend can feel the pain..
give me some time to catch my breath before you go taking it away again
i can't help but to think about all the stupid shit we've done together. and you know what? i wouldn't want to do stupid shit with any other person

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