Sunday, November 8, 2009

take me heart. crush it. destroy it. you already took most of it anyways. tell me how i mean nothing to you. go on, i dare you. because one day when i'm finally over you, those hurtful words wont matter anymore. [you wont even matter to me anymore]
you can go up to anyone & ask them about their first love, ask them how they feel about them now & i bet they still love them in some way, shape or form
don't send me mixed signals ; i don't like the confusion it brings. i'd rather have the honest truth even if it hurt . . . because then i wouldn't waste my time depending on false hope to keep hanging on
Stay close enough to have fun yet far enough not to get hurt & when you start to fall for him again just remember the crack on your heart was left from him
I thought you were my fairytale. A dream when I'm not sleeping, a wish upon a star. Thats coming true but everybody else could tell that I confused my feelings with the truth
if two past lovers can still remain friends, they were either never in love or still are
dry your eyes, clear your mind, you just gotta take it one day at a time. dust off your heart, take it off the shelf , you gotta remember to love yourself
Why call it what it's not? She likes you && you like the idea of having girlfriend. That does not make it a relationship. She likes being with you && you like to hang out for an hour in between plans with your friends. Don't bother calling, She doesn't want to talk anyway. Anything she could have to say would ruin her only chance of making you fall for her
she is the kind of girl that will never let you in because some other boy has hurt her in the past. You can try and try and try but she will say no and walk away. She will leave you heartbroken just like she was in the past. And no matter what her friends say to her she says "I just can't take that chance..."
i dreamed of a wedding elaborate, ellegance, filled with flowers & friends, i asked him what kind of wedding he wished for & he replied " one that would make you my wife "

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