Thursday, November 26, 2009

She puts on her dance shoes...and dances and twirls in her own little world..only to realize when the shoes come off; reality comes back
i could tell my heart each time: it isn't love and that your just some guy but i can't deny it: even when i try cause i know inside, butterflies don't lie.
and when you love someone everything about them seems to be simply adorable
and when you told me you loved me..did you forget to say "just kidding "
thanks for proving to me that guys cannot be trusted, assholes do exsist, & my heart can be broken
finding your true love is like the game of hide&seek - your true love is hiding&you must seek him.
&&she's wondering what love is. because everything she thought she knew, seems so wrong now
I keep telling myself things can turn around with time & if i wait it out, you could always change your mind..
at this point..its impossible to get you off my mind
& go on and live your life. smile and laugh. as much as you want, brush away the tears and go crazy with your girls, 'cause in the end, he'll be the one to regret it.
i don't need this constant stabbing feeling in my chest whenever i think about you
sick to my stomach once again, i keep remembering im just your friend
i hate how we never got our chance to see what we could have been. i hate how i know i'm not over you && how i pretend to be. i hate how you totally moved on, && you have no idea that i haven`t

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