Wednesday, November 25, 2009

& even if its 90 degrees out & the sun is shining bright, i'd still be wearing his hoodie just because it reminds me of him
’m not the model like girl, I don’t have long blonde hair and my eyes aren’t that beautiful blue, I’m not 5’3" and 95 pounds, but none of that matters to me ;; because i got you;; and thats all ill ever need
she said "you're a loser." he replied "but i'm your loser."
yeah, i said i'm glad it's over, to tell you the truth if you haven't found somebody new, i hope you do. i said i didn't miss you at all, i never waited for you to call and i never cried, but to tell you the truth .. i lied.
he just doesn't get it. he wants what he can't have. and he can't see what's right in front of him. she would do anything for him. she would die for him. he doesn't see how much she is in love with him. she has fallen. fallen so hard. harder than ever before. all he does is crush her.
Sometimes I just wanna run away just to see if he loves me enough to follow.
-He's the only person she wants to be with. He means so much to her. She loves his stupid jokes, how he can change her entire day by just giving her a hug, the way he can always make her laugh, and how hes by her side through everything that goes wrong. Too bad he's not hers.
She wakes up in the morning with a smile on her face, knowing that yesterday when she needed him, he was there, and today when she needs him, he'll still be there.
and for me it was that warm summer night when the moon was above us & i looked into your eyes and told you that i would love you forever & always
&& when I saw your name on the caller ID, my heart flipped
& you're the reason I can't sleep at night

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