Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I always wanted a guy like you see on tv. The hero, the hottie, everything any girl could ever want. But you have to come back to reality. Love isn't the way it is in the movies
it's been too long, & i say i'm over you. we both know it's a lie. you love me too. & we'll keep running back to each other. we're known as bad habits, not easy to break.
i rip up your picture, i break the cd you made me, i burn those notes you gave me and i try to forget those smiles but i cant so i guess i live off your love thats why i hate you. i hate you because your so perfect, i hate you because simply i love you more then you love me.
i only have 2 words for you ; im done after everything i've done for you. every chance that i gave you & yet you still break my heart. but its over now. finally i've realized that i dont deserve this & honestly, you dont deserve me. yeah - i still love you and i probably will for a long time, but i cant stay here anymore it hurts too much. i guess this is moving on
I swear, when we ended what we had, songs I never heard before came on the radio and they all perfectly described what we had and what we are
i think about summer and it seems great in my mind but in my heart, i know all i will be doing is thinking about you non-stop
What do I do now that you're gone, no back up plan no second chance and no one else to blame. all I can hear in the silence that remains are the words I couldn’t say
my eyes are sore from crying, my heart broken in two, to find a boy just like him, your chances are so few.
he was only temporary but our memories are permanant
i just want that one boy who will make everything seem right. when he asks "whats wrong" and i say "its a long story" he'll be like "i got all night"
the best kind of kiss is the unexpected unplanned ones that come naturally like, in the middle of a sentence
& he says 'i'm not going to talk to you' with a grin but then 10 seconds later, he says 'i can't do it'
You've got your hands on my waist, && your lips near my face
it's like we're M0RE than just friends but still LESS than lovers
You sit here && play these games, you can go out with your friends. But once I go out with mine, you act like you can't trust me. When really I shouldn’t trust you
i didnt realize how much i loved him until he was standing there && he wasnt mine anymore
so, i say "goodnight" under a broken street light
and she can see him everyday, but she will never have him, she can sit close to him, but still miss him, yes, its heartbreak
You make fun of her and she just laughs it off. You probably wouldn’t make fun of her so much if you knew, you’re her world & you are just killing her day by day.
I want to be someones last call of the night && their first thought in the morning. i want those 5 hour conversations that end in "no.. you hangup first". i want the heart racing, palm sweaty, "whats gunna happen next" moments. i want the hugs that you never want to let go of
&& the stolen kisses that are always the sweetest. but most importantly, i want someone to consider me theirs.

He’s insensitive, stupid, big headed, immature, a complete jerk, selfish, and honestly...I still love him.

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