Friday, November 13, 2009

Once again, I guess it's no use ..I'm screwing up every little thing I ever try to do..I'm born to lose
You've always found a way to cheer me up even when I'm as down as can be. you replace my tears with laughs + smiles, you have no idea what that means to me
for one split second, she almost turned around, she almost forgave him once again. but that would be like, pouring rain drops back into a cloud
& it hurts so much to see you move on so quickly, so tell me ... have you promised her forever yet?
can't you hear my heart beating? maybe that`s because it's screaming your name
i cant say i've actually loved you, at least not in that way, but i can tell you that i know i could have if you had just given me the chance to do so
i'm sitting in my room, thinking about what you said. " we're better off friends. " all the while, i'm thinking, " i'm better off dead. "
i remember every word you said, okay? i'm not naive & i'm not stupid. i've been broken before. i can deal with it. i'm not scared of moving on with my life. what i'm scared of is that somewhere along the road, i'll realize that you were my life.
Another forced smile,
Another broken heart.
Just another girl wishing life would restart.

She was happier than ever, sitting there; her head on his shoulder her fingers linked with his
All of the nights you came to me when some silly girl had set you free you wondered how you'd make it through I wondered what was wrong with you..How could you give your love to someone else & share your dreams with me..sometimes the very thing your looking for is the one thing you . cant . see
You know, I can't remember the last time we kissed because I never thought it would be our last
so many nights, legs tangled tight wrap me up in a dream with you, close up these eyes, try not to cry. all that i got to pull me through is the memories of you
i argue with him like he's my brother. i flirt with him like the friend that he is, but i love him like he's the only one for me
These feelings for you have taken me on the biggest roller-coaster ride of my life, the ups & downs have been thrilling to say the least, but this ride has been going on a little to long, I'm starting to feel sick & I'm ready for it to be over. I'm screaming out for someone to stop the ride,
but theres no one out there. Am I'm going to have ride this one out, alone.

when we kiss i can hear your thoughts. so i would rather we didn't
She loves you, I can tell. Just look into her eyes, its there a love so strong it bleeds through the skin, when you're around she glows. A love that strong doesn't come around too often, but you have it she loves you with everything she has, everything she is so you owe it, not only to her, but to yourself, to give it a try. Find out what she has to offer you, i guarantee you'll be happy
I finally realized I'm not happy...Was finally able to admit it...That my life isn't what it use to be...Filled with empty emotions and lies... Trying to be perfect in this fake world...

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