Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Let's leave the windows open and cuddle close just to keep warm
and what she wants is pretty simple, just a sticky note in her locker saying i love you. or a daisy he found that morning stuck to her books.
because it's the little things that mean the most.

& i don't want him to be perfect. i want him to laugh at me, trip me, then help me back up, pick me up & throw me into the pool, make me laugh for hours, and take me out. but, most of all i just want him to love me.
Its normal for a girl to get mad when they see their ex- with another girl. Its not cause you still love them ..Its because you know you use to be that girl
i love how i can be a total idiot around you, and you will still make me feel ABSOLUTELY amazing.
its scary thinking about how much you mean to me, how much i'd miss you if you werent in my [ l i f e ] and how i get this amazing feeling when im with you i've never loved someone like i love you baby. and i cant help but remind you every single day
i'm in love. not the elementary school love; where you go out for a week; hold hands and say 'i love you' ; 'i love you too' i mean; i really love him
After I wake up from dreaming about you, I have the biggest smile on my face, then it quickly fades away, cause I realize that it was just a dream, & you're not really mine
her friends dont understand her she's a question without answers who feels like shes falling apart.

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